The Rotary Club of Bognor Regis

International Charity and Friendship


 Although many of the donations made by Rotary Clubs are local there is always a need to help others who are suffering further afield. This is why clubs collect when a disaster hits on the other side of the World. Rotary has a number of very special ways it can help and control the funds that are allocated as relief for a tragedy.

On many occasions there are Rotary Clubs located in the same country that the disaster occurs and so local Rotarians become responsible for the funds donated. Rotary is also heavily involved in supporting ShelterBox and again local Rotarians can ease the passage of equipment direct to the disaster site.

Rotary International is committed to eradicate polio in the World and with the aid of local Rotarians and Governments there is no doubt this will be achieved soon. More about Polio + is shown below.  


For 50 years our Rotary Club and the Rotary Club of Challans / Saint Jean de Monts in France have met annually, one year in the UK the next year in France. The weekends are spent in visiting local tourist sites and of course tasting just a little of the local wine. Here are some pictures of our last get together. 

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