The Rotary Club of Bognor Regis

You probably clicked on this page of our web site because you wondered whether joining a local Rotary club might be for you. Just below this piece is a link to a U Tube presentation that explains about our organisation and why we are the foremost humanitarian service organisation in the World today. The important thing about joining a club like ours is that you must want to enjoy helping others and at the same time have fun doing it. Some of the work we do and the links that we have with other Rotary clubs are shown in the other pages of this site. After you have looked at the presentation please get in touch with us if you wish to take this further. We would be happy to explain more, invite you to one of our meetings so you can judge whether you want to be involved in Rotary. 

The Rotary Club of Bognor Regis is involved in

  • Supporting local charities and individuals.
  • Organising events for the elderly and lonely in our town.
  • Involving itself in initiatives with the youth of the area by organising competitions and supporting teenagers who wish to attend our leadership courses.
  • Responding to International emergencies.
  •  Linking with a French Rotary Club located in the Vendee on an annual basis.
  • Holding meetings where interesting speakers from both charities and industry tell their stories.
The most important thing is to have fun in being involved



Associate membership of our Club is a new initiative that allows us to invite people to join us who due to work commitments cannot spare the time to be a full member. This is specifically aimed at people who our Club already works with, or who support us with one of our charitable activities. This type of membership is by invitation only at this time, but if you feel that you would like to be considered then please contact us.  


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